Boity’s Bottom: an analysis

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Just when I thought I’d let this one pass me by… Boity’s bottom has been the talk of the week since Marie Claire’s Naked Issue was launched this Monday. My significant other candidly suggested they make it a national monument; I’m sure South Africa’s heterosexual men agree. We all know that the Naked Issue’s purpose is to raise funds for charities, this year 36 celebrities went Full Monty for The Lunchbox Fund (check out their site).

Nothing wrong with that right? Well, personally it seems that the greater part of the population does not give a B’s ass why the shoot took place: all eyes are on Boity’s bottom. And what a bottom she has – Nicki Minaj ain’t got nothing on that! As I read comments and spoke to a handful of people I realised that all of them have no idea which charity the money was being raised for and now that the photo is out there, no one seems to care about going out and purchasing their copy of the magazine. As long as they have a print-out of Boity’s apple bottom, they are happy chappies.

On the other hand, I am grateful that Boity showed off her nude body and truth be told: if you’re sexy, you’re just sexy. And as much as her photo has succeeded in turning cute little puppies into rabid wild dogs, I do believe that once the testosterone wears out, our male population will learn more about the Lunchbox Fund and contribute, in whichever way they can. Boity’s bottom has really touched on many people’s morality: should one just disregard the campaign as a ploy to use sexuality for funds (like prostitution?) or should one regard it as using sexuality positively (to make a meaningful contribution in our impoverished societies)? This issue has helped me (and hopefully many of you out there) realise that we are living in very conflicted and contradictory times and sometimes the best way to stay sane is to have an open mind and focus on the end result. And keep our ears open for Marie Claire’s announcement on how much was raised for the Lunchbox Fund.

Apple Bottom LoVe,