Xhosa Menswear Fashion 2012: MaXhosa and Skorzch

MaXhosa by Laduma… pic from maxhosa.co.za

Skorzch Collection, SAFW 2012… pic from Zano Sithetho’s facebook

This year, JoziChic’s eye has been on two menswear designers: Laduma Ngxokolo and Zano Sithetho. I had the pleasure of meeting both designers at the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Show Africa 2012 at Melrose Arch. So if you are unaware of these two talented brothers, it’s about time.

Laduma Ngxokolo Fashion Fact File

Laduma Ngxokolo of MaXhosa by Laduma… pic from milanstyle.co.uk

Brand: MaXhosa by Laduma
Hometown: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Current City: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Age: 26 years
Accomplishments: Received bursary from Cape Wools South Africa and Mohair South Africa in 2012
Won the South African national leg of South African Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) Design Competition
Went to London and won the international leg of the SDC Design Competition
Showcased at Design Indaba 2012 and was also a speaker
Media Coverage: Italian Vogue website, GQ.co.za, elle.co.za and elledecoration.co.za, designindaba.co.za, JoziChic, American magazine The Fader, hauteafricafashion.com and many more
2012 Highlights: “The media coverage has been insane. It’s really rare to get these types of features that even established designers are seeking”
Thoughts on MBFWA: “I’ve been following fashion weeks for years and I have to admit, the game has stepped up. Designers now have signature styles, they don’t just follow trends. Maybe that is because the designers here are from all over Africa, adding to the diversity. As a designer, though, I did not see anything eye-popping”
Keep an eye on: “I have had this collection for the past two years so next year there will be a Menswear Collection coming out, hopefully by March.” There was hinting at MaXhosa coming to Joburg but we’ll just have to wait and see. There is the option to order online if you can’t wait, though.
Dress for Summer: “This summer I will be wearing loafers, white tailored linen shorts, a simple t-shirt and a straw hat.”
Summer Tip for Men: “Dress up uniquely; you don’t always have to wear the latest trends”
Facebook: MaXhosa Facebook Page
Website: http://www.maxhosa.co.za
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Zano Sithetho Fashion Fact File

Zano Sithetho of Skorzch… pic from savoirfaire-edgars.com

Hometown: Stutterheim, Eastern Cape
Current City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Age: 27 years
Accomplishments: Became The Soil’s (popular SA Music Band) Official Stylist in 2012
Won the 2012 SA Youth In Design Competition
Won the 2012 SA Fashion Week Renault New Talent Search
Media Coverage: GQ.co.za, anthonybila.tumblr.com, JoziChic, Nokia SA blog, SA Fashion Week website, Financial Mail website, ifashion, The Mail&Guardian, The Sowetan, Zimbabwe’s Sunday Times and numerous other websites and blogs
2012 Highlights: “Styling the Soil has been great, the media coverage, winning the SA Youth InDesign Competition and the SA Fashion Week Renault New Talent Search. Being on the front page of the Sunday Times in Zimbabwe was also amazing”
Thoughts on MBFWA: “It was ok. Projectomental stood out for me because of the shoes. Nice.”
Keep an eye on: “There is a photo shoot with Anthony Bila coming soon and a Skorzch website too.”
Dress for Summer: “I’ll be wearing my favourite colours: rust and orange. I’ll still be in tailored suits made from refined fabrics from Benjamin Woolens. And a straw hat.”
SummerTip for Men: “Every man has to own a crisp, white, tailored shirt and a Skorzch suit, of course”
Facebook: Skorzch Facebook Page
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I bumped into Jerri, again, during the MBFWA. This time he tried on a MaXhosa jersey *LOVE*… pic by Amandla Kwinana

Zano, Amandla and Laduma at MBFWA… pic taken by some dude we asked, thanks 🙂

Tons of Chic Love…

Amandla Kwinana


The Mighty Coca-Cola Ads

pic from reocities.com

pic from davyart.co.uk

pic from yaean.com

pic from theinterrogang.com

pic from coca-colaconversations.com

pic from devicefunction.com

pic from theinspirationroom.com

pic from theinspirationroom.com

pic from ratemyfresh.com

pic from tomytoy.typepad.com

pic from fashionodor.com

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SA Fashion Iyashisa – Part 2

This time around Jozichic takes a peep, literally 1,2 and 3, at a few of the many individuals who have spiced up our fashion industry. From designers and stylists to models…

Palesa Mokubung (Mantsho)


Palesa, having worked at Stoned Cherry for a while, wasted no time spreading her wings and showing the fashion world what a majestic butterfly she is. This insanely talented fashion designer breathed life to her brand, Mantsho, showing the creations to embody an African aesthetic and feminine elegance. A Mantsho design is a must-have for the youthful yet sophisticated and fashionable woman who is ‘in touch with her roots’.

Mantsho designs...

Tshepo Sibanda (Ngwedi Styles)

Tshepo Sibanda

Ngwedi Styles is the brainchild of Tshepo, the Tarantino of styling. This guy has amazing sense of style and even better, can translate it into jaw-dropping awesome-ness, transforming any individual into a supermodel. Ngwedi Styles is all about vintage street style and to get your fix, you can check out Ngwedi Styles on Facebook or just visit his blog.

Ngwedi Stylin'... that kasi vintage thang...

Black Beauties

Gaye of Vision Models... pic from Elle magazne, July 2010

Our country has a beautiful landscape, beautiful cultures, beautiful clothes and (even Ludacris said this during his video shoot visit a few years back) beautiful women. Many of our women are not blessed with long legs, a slender body and natural pout, but they are sure blessed in other ways… Our models are very hot – have you seen the skeletons strutting international runways? – and healthy. There is something about them, a natural glow that I have not seen anywhere else. But then again, maybe it’s just me. Patriotism for our local fashion industry can do that to you…

Chantel of Fusion Models... pic from Elle magazine, May 2011

Lerato Moloi... pic from funelelove.blogspot.com

That’s it for now, but I’m sure you could think of many other reasons why SA Fashion rocks… Let us know what you think; drop us a mail on jozichic@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.

Have a wicked week ahead…


Colourful Tah-tahs

Miss Thang and I...

Today was a bittersweet day… bitter because I had to bid farewell to Miss Thang and sweet because of the Fun with a capital F we had shopping in Jozi. Along Market Street, just before you get to Goud Street, we came upon a gem of a shop, although it looked more like dump than anything else. But that’s the beauty of these downtown shops, they are the most dingiest (that is a real word) shops and stock some of the most gorgeous and well-priced fashion goods in town!

So Miss Thang and I, with only two and a half hours before she boards her bus, stumble upon this shop and waltz in, drawn by the cheap wigs and Sunday hats. In we go and try on a few wigs and decide which hats to get our mothers for church. As we step out, we shriek with excitement at the sight of an array of colourful vintage clutch bags and coin purses. Okay, the shrieking was not only induced by their awesomeness (not a real word but fitting)… their price was insane! Believe it or not, the colourful clutch was R7 and the coin purse R4!!! S’trues… we must have died and went to fashion heaven.

We reaaaally love these bags...

Our colourful finds... glasses, vintage clutch bag and coin purse

An hour later, chilling at Capello in Carlton Center, we still cannot get over our great fashion finds. And did I mention my new pair of glasses, if only they were prescription, I copped from a street vendor for just R20?!

So while doing the whole farewell thing at Capello, we did the obvious and posed for pics, took pics, met old and new friends and sipped on mojitos…

Miss Thang... Cheers

And I'll drink to that...

Muzi... all checked out

And with our mojitos finished, signaling the end of our little party, my heart suddenly felt heavy and tears threatened to overflow… but then I thought ‘Miss Thang would never want me to ruin my make-up’. And I kept them inside. Although Miss Thang has left this crazy city for greener and quiter pastures, I’m sure she’ll ruffle some fashionable feathers with her great sense of style and wackishly (I do so enjoy creating these words) fabulous hairstyles!

Miss Thang, Jozichic will miss you, thanks for making this a colourful tah-tah and not a sad goodbye…and don’t forget to remain as stylish as you are… you never know, Jozichic just might hunt you down and take a pic!

P.S. Oh, Miss Thang left you Jozichic peeps with a beauty tip… go figure!

“Never, I mean NEVER, use cheap foundation; don’t compromise… you can use cheap blush, liner, whatever, just not foundation! ”

Mwha and Mwha…


Vintage Gone Fruitcake

Fruitcake… quite an odd name for a vintage clothing shop, don’t you think? Funny that just this past Sunday Barry Ronge, in his Spit ‘n Polish column, was going on about how some words have evolved with time, while others have altogether lost their meaning. I’m sure we all strongly agree with Mr Ronge when he states that “…as society evolves, new words emerge – and old ones develop different meanings” (Sunday Times, 14 August 2011). Well, the more I thought about it, the more Fruitcake described the colourful and ‘whimsically eccentric’ shop I’d visited at Fashion Kapitol. Just a block away from my flat, it’s really shameful that it should take me so long to go to Fruitcake. But hey, I eventually did, and my gosh, am I glad I did.

Vintage everything... alice bands, mirror, guitar, and purses

Fruitcake is a sight for sore eyes (although I wish I had my glasses… all the better to see with, my dear)! It is full of colour, texture and weird quirky items like these ‘rad’ roller skates.

Jozichic loves... pity they aren't my size

This vintage concept store, owned by Jamakazi Thelejane and Sithembiso Magadi, has been around since last year September. Walking into Fruitcake I was greeted by a young man camouflaged into this ‘vintage-ness’ thanks to his round steel-framed glasses that reminded me of John Lennon and Gandhi. This charming and chilled young man who goes by the name of Thato (not that I’m disputing it as his real name) made me feel so at home, actually feel like I was in my granma’s home. You know when you feel so comfortable and ease and the music playing in the background causes you to reminisce of your carefree early childhood days? You know that feeling when you see an item you recollect seeing on your mother and worn only on those special occasions such as going to church? Oh and can you feel the anger at remembering how she easily stuffed all her ‘old clothes’ into a black refuse bag and gave them to your maid? I felt all of those emotions and at some point felt a bit insane… Yup like a fruitcake.

I'll be getting these wacky alice bands for my wacky hair...


The best thing about it all, however, is that you’re not just left yearning for those items you lost, or your mom gave away… You can actually start over and collect that pearl necklaces, the black velvet dress, the roller skates you never learnt to ride and those purple heels that remind you of your crazy aunt…

Stepping out of Fruitcake was like going through a time warp; I could now hear cars passing by, people shouting across the street, men whistling at me… Being inside Fruitcake was a much-appreciated experience that made me forget I was in present-day Joburg. And, as they say, ignorance is so bliss.

Is that not just gorgeous...

Visit the store at 130 Pritchard Street, Fashion Kapitol Johannesburg, they are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm

Or see their Facebook page: Fruitcake “we know something…”


Vintage Belts – Keepin’ it in the Family

Nqaba's Vintage Belt

Vintage belts, to us black kids growing up in the ‘80s, bring back painful yet hilarious memories of the then popular good ol’ hidings. In those days the big buckles had more purpose then that that of being an fashion accessory; they were a must-have for our parents who were serious about disciplining their children.
Fortunately, I guess, those days are history. Yet the trademark big buckles remain, having become even more relevant in today’s fashion environment.

It's about attitude and a bold hairstyle! Love the colours.

Nqaba paired up her vintage belt with these stunning red boots from Woolworths

The beauty of the vintage belt primary in two things: quality and design. Most vintage belts were made to last its owner for years and so the best leather (strong, thick and durable) was used, and my buttocks bear testament to that. The designs of these belts leaned towards the artistic side, although of course, functionality played a major role. The artistry is most evident in the buckles where you find a hard metal design containing intricate detail or life-like folds. My mother, however, seemed to prefer buckles that were geometrically shaped and solid, ‘All the better to spank you with, my dear’. I regret not making away with one of her belts when relocating to Joburg, but never mind, I’ll get my chance. I’ve noticed though the best way to accumulate vintage clothing and accessories is from family members. So don’t hesitate to approach that great aunt of yours who doesn’t even know your name… put up with the sloppy kisses planted full on the mouth… laugh at the spattered jokes from the drunken woman who claims she’s your blood on account of sharing your clan name. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and boy, the feeling of having procured a fabulously chic vintage item is otherworldly. Do it in the name of Vintage Fashion!

PS Thanks to Nqaba for sending me her pics, you can also send your Vintage pics to jozichic@gmail.com.

50s Fashion for under R50

My heart is pounding hysterically against my chest. I hurriedly cross the congested and litter-infested street, careful not to step on any protruding ‘nasties’. Finally I’m back on Pritchard Street, a block away from my flat. I skip towards the glass entrance of my building, relieved to be inside, away from any prowling eyes. Ten minutes later, in the safety of my apartment, I dare open the black bag that has been tightly clutched under my arm.
You’re probably wondering why I had been behaving like a fugitive. Well, the answer is pretty simple: I felt like one. I went out on the streets of Joburg with R50 in my pocket and ‘lo and behold’, came back with two vintage items. When I initially got the idea to go out and see what I could get, I had no idea it would turn out like this. Excuse my disbelief but although I’m not a bargain hunting virgin, it was my first time bargain hunting in this concrete jungle. And, boy, is it exciting! So much that it felt like a crime to walk away with such fabulous and elegant merchandise at that price. And so, without further adieu, I present my fashionable finds.

Outfit #1
Grey vintage 50s wool pencil skirt R20

It was love at first sight! The detail on this skirt begging for me to possess it.
• The pockets make this skirt chic yet laid-back, so PE…
• The trouser-inspired front of the skirt give this feminine item a loveably tom-boyish attitude
• The tiny waist accentuates the female figure, quite sexy
• The pencil cut means that it is perfect for women with hourglass figures, top heavier women and women who have straight figures with few curves, much like myself

jersey - Mr Price
belt - Mr Price
skirt - a vintage find
stockings - Woolworths
shoes - Legit

stockings - Woolworths
shoes - Legit

earrings - flea market
blouse - Mr Price

Outfit #2
Checkered A-line 50s wool skirt R20

This skirt reminded me of the way my mother used to dress when she was around my age.
• Once again, I’m a sucker for pockets
• The Autumn colours make this a great skirt for those cold, cloudy yet rainless days
• The A-line cut is playful yet sophisticated and fabulous at hiding a big bum, or in my case, lack of one

shirt - Mr Price

skirt - a vintage find
stockings - Woolworths
shoes - Don Marco

head band - Vibes

I am still trying to settle the butterflies flapping excitedly in my stomach. I finally own vintage articles and I believe I couldn’t have started out any better. Wool skirts, a staple among the stylish women of the 1950s, have been a ‘sign of social prestige’ (think of the Queen of England and now Michelle Obama). And besides the glitch of having to remember to dry clean my A-line wool skirt, the pencil skirt can be hand washed, I am anticipating going out in what has been called ‘the symbol of timeless elegance’.

PS. If you’d like to know where I got these vintage skirts don’t hesitate to drop me a mail on jozichic@gmail.com.