Jozichic Interviews Bonnie – new kid on the block

Bonnie knowing how to work Vintage...

Jozichic: First things first, who is Bonnie?

Bonnie: Bonnie is a 21 year old Public Administration and Politics student, from Mqanduli in the Eastern Cape. She is a fashion addict, a media obsessed creative young woman. She is ambitious and she is a loving soul. She loves God with all her heart. She is colourful yet reserved!

JC: How did you get involved in fashion?
B: It all started early in my childhood,*cliche I know!LOL* I’d alter my clothes, make bags out of my skirts, sew dresses for my sister’s dolls and as I grew I loved looking good. I worked for a lovely fashion designer when I was in grade 11, she taught me so much about the fashion industry. Having been surrounded by magazines as well in my upbringing, I knew fashion was just one of my passions. I am curious naturally, I research, read and inquire about the latest fashion trends, fashion weeks, hot designers, and celebrity stunners and suckers!

JC: What can we expect from you on Jozichic?

B: FLAMES! Jozichic is in for a stylish, sleek, edgy and fabulous ride! Expect raw, brutal and explicit fashion news, hottest trends like you have never seen them before. Telling it like it is – Hit/Miss! B will tell you. I’ll be bringing you nothing but the best in African fashion as well as finding you the best ‘underground’ designers and blazing fashionistas on the go.

JC: Do you consider yourself Jozi chic?

B: I am Jozichic so yes I am a Jozi chic lol! I am fashion, I am color, I am style and I am Jozified!

Looking very chic in All-Stars and A-line skirt..

JC: What do you make of street fashion in Jozi?
B: It is absolutely beautiful, colour is what fascinates me the most! People in Jozi are daring, flamboyant and downright stylish. Yes ke we can’t turn a blind eye on those big fashion offenses, some, shame, are just clueless but nonetheless, Jozi streets are fun and fearlessly fashionable.

Bonnie and friend, Athi, looking fly...

JC: What is the biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?
B: OMG! Grrrrrr. I have worn yellow from head to toe! A few years back, you would swear I was a banana! Big yellow earrings, yellow dress, yellow pumps and to top it all, a yellow coat! Horrific! I really don’t know what got to me!

JC: And the best fashion decision?
B: I decided to allow myself to evolve, to move with the times. I mean, things come and go, I have to be at the top of my game all the time. I decided not let myself be a victim to fashion though, I believe ‘STYLE’ is eternal and fashion fades, I don’t want to fade but to be innovative in my dress sense. I am eclectic and I don’t follow everything that’s out there. I try and make sure I buy timeless pieces!

Siya Ngwekazi

Noni Gasa

Solange Knowles

JC: Who is your fashion icon? Local and international.
B: Awwww! Ok! Siya Ngwekazi yes the guy Lol! He is fun, daring, and fearless, his clothes are an expression of who he is and the confidence he exudes make him even more appealing. Noni Gasa, oh she is super stylish. Gert Johan Coetzee and Ituen Bassi from Nigeria are my best African designers. Internationally- Monique Lhuillier is the best designer! I like Solange Knowles’s elegance and fashion sense.

Ituen Bassi

Monique Lhuillier

JC: What is your must-have item for this summer?
B: A beautiful, well-cut and colourful dress, accessories and some cool sunnies! A white vest is a definite must-have! A nice pair of bright skinny jeans is a must-have too. We bringing COLOR back!

JC: Any fashion advice for the Jozichic peeps?
B: If it’s ‘in’ but its not flattering enough, don’t take it. If it’s ‘in’ but you have no size or confidence to pull it off, leave it for others. Explore fashion, do colour-blocking, keep it clean and always carry the best accessory – CONFIDENCE! There is nothing worse than a beautiful lady too with no confidence, even the most beautiful outfit gets tainted! Do not over-accessorize, simple is gorgeous. Always pay attention to your best features, show some leg if you must! Above all be JOZICHIC! 😀



Jozichic in Colour

Elle September 2011 issue

This month’s issue of Elle Magazine has been a real inspiration to my wardrobe and styling. For one, I really dig the tagline: Big Hair, Bright Colours…

My interpretation can be seen below… Work wear will be far from boring this season!

Earrings... from Jozi street vendors

Clutch bag... from Jay Jays, Ring... from Jozi street vendors

Wedge heels... from Mr Price

Blouse... from Mr Price, Belt... from Legit, Formal Shorts... from Legit


Oh, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Jozichic Chicks

Today was Girls’ Day In with myself and Miss Thang. We’ve been planning for this day for months now… the day when she gets to do my hair. So after about an hour spent looking for the right hair, comparing prices and fighting off stray men salivating at the sight of two good-looking women, we got to my flat. Miss Thang wasted no time and got right to it and we enjoyed some episodes of the Chapelle Show. After a few hours my hair was done and Miss Thang had a crazy idea – to do my face. I’m not a fan of make-up but then again, I might as well get used it, right? So with renewed energy, and Rihanna on full blast, Miss Thang got to putting on some eyeshadow and liner and mascara on my petrified face. It’s a good thing that she knows me really well because I loved the results. Minimal and natural… that’s my type of make-up.

Miss Thang doin' her thing.. on my face

Miss Thang's work... Jozichic loves...

After this little makeover, I couldn’t just let Miss Thang go back home without some fun times at our lobby. So off we went, down the two flights of steps to the lobby. And the fun times began; a perfect ending to our Girls’ Day In.

We sure had fun and Miss Thang got her groove on...

You gotta love that skirt.. bought in Jozi, baby

Stretching to prepare for my dance moves...

You gotta love that 'fro... Hair bought in Jozi, baby... lol

PS I broke my glasses during our shoot so I now have to be ‘blind’ for a few weeks until I get a new pair… But fear not, these eyes will still be able to spot Jozichic peeps out there.


Bad Fashion Day

Sarah Jessica Parker - At least I wasn't feeling as hideous as the dress she is wearing; very brave of her

Today has been one of those days where I find myself so NOT Jozichic. I threw on a black poloneck, black tights and black hiking boots. I refuse to post a picture of myself in this terrible state, which would look great if I were in a better mood. Funny how clothes look much better when the wearer is feeling good and confident. Interestingly enough, I came across this quote which aptly described my current feelings on fashion.

Fashion is so close to revealing a person’s inner feelings and everybody seems to hate to lay claim to vanity so people tend to push it away. It’s really too close to the quick of the soul.
-Stella Blum

Lazy Sunday

It’s the day of rest and many people live it up to the fullest by walking around their flat naked (yes, I’m talking about you). It’s the one day where we can get away with not doing anything… Like not posting on Jozichic or not putting on any clothes. The latter does not apply to me though, what is fashion without clothes, anyway? So I return to my lazying around and leave you (especially you, closet nudists) with the wise words of Mr Twain.

‘Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society’ – Mark Twain

Who’s that chick? (Rihanna singing in the background)

Name: Amandla Kwinana

Age: 24
Star sign: Cancer
Height: Not as short as I look
Weight: I can donate blood
Disabilities: None (being short-sighted is NOT a disability – you know who you are)
Talents: Don’t want to blow my own horn, so won’t go there
Activities: Lots of reading, walking, writing, taking pics, a bit of painting, enjoy bargain hunting and chocolate chowing
When I fell in love with fashion: Despite being a fashionable child, as a teenager I was hopeless. Varsity, with its I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude, allowed me to experiment and find my own style and once that was found, a keen interest (a crush, if u must) for fashion was sparked
I love their style: Beth Ditto, Lindiwe Suttle, Dita Von Teese and my mom (in the 80s)

Why start Jozichic: I searched fora local blog that showcased fashion I could afford, fashion my Triple F (fuller-figured friend) could fit into and fashion my 7-months pregnant friend could look and feel good in. Alas, no such luck. I also yearned (still do) to be educated about our local fashion industry. When I realized that I was not alone, I decided to stop whining and do something about it… And thus Jozichic was born!