Take a Walk in my Shoes: Foot Talk

pic from herdaily.com

Feet, like hands, tell us a lot about the person. Some feet are neglected, spotting claw-like nails that rip apart a sock as tries to warm up the poor foot. Some feet are so gorgeous and clean a dude with a foot fetish would get an instant hard-on. Clean feet with trimmed toe-nails and no funky smell and nasty corns usually belong to people who take care of themselves: people who know that appearance may not be everything but it sure does matter a lot. So if you have feet issues or queries: be it those irritating callouses, not finding the right shoes for your foot, funky smells, toe nail polish colour dilemma, whatever voet nonsense, this is the place.

JoziChic Foot Care Tip #1

Wear shoes that are comfortable. Ladies, we know you look gorgeous in those killer heels but when you walk like you are having spasms… You’re killing us. And remember, uncomfortable shoes cause corns. The same applies for you too, men! So take care and invest in good, quality shoes. Your feet will love you for it.

JoziChic Shoe of the Moment: Nine West (ladies)

This shoe is great for work. The short heel makes it comfortable and the patent leather and design make this shoe classy and stylish. It’s just the type of shoe that will take you from dawn ‘til dusk.

JoziChic Shoe of the Moment: Adidas (gents)

These adidas Originals Gazelle OG shoes ooze street-style appeal and comfort is on par with its great looks. The Gazelle has a super-soft smooth leather upper with spilt-suede detail, synthetic lining for inner support and blown rubber outsole. These are classic sneaks that will never go out of fashion.

Until next time, show those feet some love!