Mama Lovin’ – Lebo Chauke

In celebrating Mother’s Day, JoziChic interviewed a couple of young women on motherhood. Enjoy!

Not a day goes by where I’m not thankful for [my mother’s] understanding and her love. I’m really grateful to her for making me a better and more understanding mother.
Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu, TV personality and business woman

Giving birth is said to be one of the most painful yet beautiful experiences a woman goes through. A few days ago I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of my mother, my aunt and cousin. Because they are all mothers already, they felt the need to share their experiences with me. Their recollections of labour, being induced, an emergency C-section having to be done, and the relief and joy that came when they heard their babies’ first cries… These women were glowing!

It seems the joys of motherhood starts as soon as that bundle of joy is born.

Lebo and her baby boy, Sizwe Jr.

Lebo and her baby boy, Sizwe Jr.

My name is Lebo, I am 25 years. I am a mother to Sizwe Jr. (5 months) and a daughter to Rosa, aged 51.

What is the best childhood memory you have of your mom?
My mom used to get me to be on my best behaviour by telling me that she can see me on her work PC when I misbehave. Another memory is of when I used to sit and admire my mother as she got ready for work then as we were about to leave the house I would debate about the fact that she put me in shorts and tennis shoes when she, on the other hand, dressed to the nines.

What do you love the most about your mom?
I love the fact that she can never stay mad or keep a grudge; she talks about the issue and gets over it in an instant.

What words would your mother say to signal the alarm that you were in trouble?
“If I have to come over there and get you…”

What words do you say to your son when he drives you mad?
He is still so little. Our language is baby talk and giggles.

Name a moment where your son did something so funny you could not punish him or be mad.
He jumped out of his training chair and fell backwards. He then looked at me with shocked eyes as if to accuse me of doing that to him.

Is there a moment where you looked at your son and thought ‘Mom was right’? Tell us about it.
I remember the first time my baby gave me that gummy smile of his that brightens up any dull day. I had the most overwhelming feeling of love and I thought to myself my mom was right when she said that there is no deeper bond than that which a mother shares with her child.

What do you love most about being a mom?
I love knowing that no matter how bad I feel after a long day at work all my stress will be gone as soon as I walk into my house and see my little boy’s excited face. It’s the best reception ever!

More Mama Lovin’ Interviews to follow…

Lotsa LoVe,

Amandla Kwinana


Little Dragon: the South African Experience, Music and their Dragonz

Little Dragon fan art… pic from

It’s the 1st of September, a full moon dances in the night sky as we, the crazed Joburg youth, drive downtown to MOAD in the Maboneng Precinct. Excitement overflows at the sight of about a hundred people waiting to enter the venue – until unwanted whispers reach us, announcing that the tickets have been sold out. Are you flippin’ kidding me? The tickets seriously sold out, online? We are in disbelief. People would look at us like we’re crazy when we’d ask if they are going to the concert, “Who? Nah, I don’t know them.” And now look, seems like all of Joburg is here. Our little entourage stands outside the gates and we watch the lucky bastards, with their tickets in hand, flutter inside. Then it dawns on me that Little Dragon is no longer just that awesome little indie band. No, Little Dragon is not so little anymore.

It is understandable when you think about it: their sound is different yet not jarring. Yukimi’s R&B-cum-soulful voice intertwined with the experimental instruments is something that satisfies any music-loving palette. More than a month after their Joburg concert, my wounds licked and healed, I get mail. It’s from Little Dragon, with love from Paris.

more Little Dragon fan art… pic from

and even moreLittle Dragon fan art…

and one more… pic from

Q: Did you start playing together back in high school or was the band only formed afterwards?
A: We met in high school, started playing and then formed the band after high school… Somehow.

Q: According to numerous websites Little Dragon is a “Swedish electronic band”. I beg to differ. Little Dragon is a “universal eclectic band from Sweden” is more like it. Wouldn’t you say?

A: Yes, we believe in ‘universe’ not only Sweden.

Q: Your debut self-titled album is an absolute favourite for many. It’s that album where you introduced yourselves to the world and got our attention. And we’re still glued onto Little Dragon. Has it been difficult maintaining the high calibre of music you created while starting out? To fans it seems you have done so effortlessly.

A: Thank you! It has not really been hard ‘cause we have always been so hungry to get new songs for our live shows. We love staying in the studio and playing around!

Q: Every time I witness someone listening to Little Dragon for the first time I crack up! They expect to see a black girl: “She is so soulful”. So, Yukimi, how did you get to be so soulful?

A: I don’t know LOL! Thank you, though. I guess from learning and copying my favourite singers.

Q: Little Dragon, despite the drama-queen and tantrum-throwing from which you’re said to have drawn inspiration, is a pretty chilled and down-to-earth band. Having worked with big names such as Gorrilaz and TV on the Radio to name a few, how have you kept your heads above water? Especially being a world renowned band yourselves.

A: We got here because of hard work and travelling around the world starting off playing for ‘crowds’ of ten people. I guess that makes you more appreciative of what you got nowadays with sometimes huge audiences. But it’s easy to get carried away so we’ve been thinking of locking our feet in the ground with concrete for a safe future 

Q: Yukimi, who was playing around in your head when you sang Scribbled Paper?
A: This boy I used to know!

Q: What are you listening to?
Erik: Listening to South African music like B.O.P, DJ Cindo, Cleo and Zinhle to name a few. And sometimes to Jimi Hendrix just to get back to the good ol’ dirty hippie music.
Fredrik: I’m listening to a lot of house and disco these days, like MD2, Wbeeza, Larosa, Dauwd and hippie stuff to calm me down after, like Terry Reily and Wagner.
Yukimi and Hakan: we listen to whatever Erik and Fredrik listen to often but we also [enjoy] old favourites: Kraftwerk, Prince, etc.

Q: For the boys: have you developed a big-brother complex where you don’t want any man near your Little Dragon?
A: it’s more like Yukimi has developed a behaviour where she doesn’t want any girls near us… (LOL, Yukimi disagrees)

Q: Fredrik, how awesome is it being so tall?
A: Pretty awesome, I must say.

Q: One thing I really respect about you is your blatant love for your fans. And the opportunity you gave fans to be a part of the Little Dragon film – super! How did this appreciation of your fans, your Dragonz, come about?

A: We meet so many nice people [on] the road and it would be hard to keep it up without them.

Q: You were in South Africa recently. How was Cape Town and Joburg? Were there any differences or similarities?

A: Cape Town was kind of cold and rainy and goooood. Joburg was sunny and rainy and crazy and good! We loved being in South Africa and came home very inspired.

Q: What is the best local cuisine you indulged in?

A: That braai at Chav’s Pozi in Soweto was awesome. Pap, chakalaka and meat is a winner. Italian food is also nice… And Thai… And Vietnamese.

Q: Did you get to listen to any South African music. If so, which went down well for you?

A: Jezebel with Professor.

Q: I know you just left but when are we going to see Little Dragon back in South Africa?

A: Hopefully in 2013!!

Q: What should your Dragonz keep an eye or ear on? Any upcoming projects?

A: We are all zoomed in on our next record that will be out sometime soon!!!

The pic the band took, exclusively for you, JoziChic Peeps!

Lotsa LoVe…

Amandla Kwinana

Show your Shoes some Love

Alexander McQueen heels... Jozichic loves!

When it comes to buying shoes it is very important to know how often you’ll be wearing them and for which occasions (much like bags). Consider the following:
• Comfort. This seems obvious right? Yet there are still thousands of Jozi women who torture the feet on a daily basis, wearing shoes that are great to look at but not great to be in. So before you buy your shoes ask the consultant to bring you both left and right and try walking in those shoes; you’ll know (and feel) if they’re the Ones.
• Material. Leather shoes, be they genuine, painted or patent, are the safest option as these can be easy to maintain. Suede shoes on the other hand often scuff and fabric shoes get dirty quickly and when washed the dye may spread, staining your shoes. Beaded shoes, especially when it comes to pumps, are also hard to maintain once they become dirty; so rather choose this type of shoe if you know you won’t be wearing it often.
• Heel. Can the heel be easily replaced when it’s damaged? No point in spending thousands of your hard-earned money on a shoe that will be useless if the heel comes off. When buying your shoes find out if they come with extra heels, a number of retailers do.

Leather shoes look great and maintaining them quite simple

Once you’ve bought your shoes…
• Avoid walking on gravel, dirt roads and other uneven and rough surfaces; this will quickly damage your heels and soles. Try carrying an extra pair of shoes like espadrilles or pumps as they are slim and can easily fit in your handbag.
• Replace your heel as soon as you notice it’s damaged or worn out, don’t wait until you hear that ‘q…q…q’ (pronounced the Xhosa way) because usually by then it’s too late.
• Give your shoes a rest; excessive use will lead to excessive damage.
• Clean your shoes properly. As I’ve mentioned beaded shoes can be tricky so avoid getting them dirty. You can clean them inside by giving them a wipe with a soapy cloth. Fabric shoes cn be washed with sop and water, much like the dudes ekasi do, just be careful if they are patterned because the dye may stain the rest of the shoe. Suede can also be cleaned with soapy water then gently brushed down with a hard rubber brush. Leather will be just fine with a wipe and shoe polish can be applied. Patent leather also just requires a wipe with a damp cloth.

Peep toe heels are quite comfortable and so sexy when in patent leather and with red soles... Check out Inwear shoes and boots @ Truworths

Jozichic QandA – Weddings, Belles and Bags

Cream and Gold African Wedding; pic from

So the first installment of QandA is finally here and I have had some pretty interesting questions and comments. I’ll get straight to it.

Nunukie (Via Facebook)

“Hey I nid sum tips here, m going to a wedding on 2nd so whr wil I find a nyc dress with cream n gold?”

Jozichic Answers

This task was quite the challenge because of 2 major factors: looking for a dress in winter and looking for colours that are not in season. I rummaged through countless retail stores, as these will be more convenient for you, but alas, no cream and/or gold dress. Because it is winter, most of the dresses out there are knit dresses or those that will require you to wear a coat and you wouldn’t want to sit through a wedding reception in a coat, now would you? Finding gold was a mission although cream was quite abundant. This is because the colours that are now in season are camel, blush pink, grays and a wide range of bright colours like red and purple. So I changed my approach and looked for an outfit that is cream and gold, dress or not. I remembered that I had seen the perfect wedding outfit at Truworths in the form of a gold, cream, blush pink and glittering suit (jacket and skirt) and a lovely cream ruffled neck blouse. This outfit is easy to accessorize, just add a cream-coloured clutch bag, gold jewellery and matching gold heels (don’t forget stockings/pantyhose).

Emily Moon jacket - R599; Blouse - R340; both from Truworths

Emily Moon skirt - R380, Truworths

Gorgeous cream and gold clutch; pic from

Jozichic loves... pic from

This outfit will ensure you look glamorous (did I mention the suit glitters with the slightest movement… so chic!) for the wedding without having to freeze your butt off. You are also left with an outfit that can be worn for other occasions and paired with different coloured blouses and even pants. So Nunukie, hope this Jozichic pick will have solved your problem. Enjoy the wedding and be sure to send us pics…

Best take care of those expensive shoes and bags; pic from

Boitumelo (Via Facebook)

” Darling so wat abt handbag and shoes? Coz mst of de tym we buy an expensive things nd we didn’t check coz ur eyes lyk it. Ur advise plz! ” In response to a Jozichic Daily Tip (on Facebook) on knowing how to wash and take care of expensive garments before you buy them and/or ruin them.

Jozichic Answers

Tumi, you asked a very important question that all women should be asking themselves. Because of its importance, my reply will take up a lot of space so I will have to dedicate a post to handbag and shoe care, before and after you make that purchase, tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll give you practical tips on what to consider before you buy that expensive bag and/or pair of shoes.
On bags… decide how often you’ll be using the bag and what its use will be. If you’re getting a bag for work, do not go for ‘sensitive’ materials such as suede and painted leather (suede is easily damaged and painted leather can either transfer dye onto your clothes or your clothes transfer dye onto the bag). Patent leather handbags are the most convenient; they clean very easily, just a wipe and the juice you spilt on it is gone!
On shoes… the same also applies to shoes, decide where and how often you’ll wear them. If they are for a special occasion, like a wedding or a work-related gala evening, do not go for heels that are all gorgeous and no comfort. Imagine having to sit out a dance because your ‘corns’ are killing you! So not Jozichic. Also see if the store gives extra heels with your shoe purchase because heels do get worn out and come off.

More on taking care of your shoes and bags tomorrow.

Ndumiso (Via Facebook)

“Why dnt u women jst keep things natural and quit painting ur faces with these expensive chemicals that for some just makes em look even more ridiculous? No offense my beautiful ladies;)” In response to Jozichic Daily Tip on NOT removing all your eyebrows and drawing a line.

Lwazi (Via Facebook)

“Fantastic work you’re doing with Jozichic, maybe I could do a Sandtondude since Jozi is taken (laughs)…”

Samkelo (Via Facebook)

” I lve that blog jozichic its my fav ”

Jozichic Answers

Thanks to all of you who have continued to support Jozichic and keep those questions, comments and even pictures coming. Will keep you posted on when the next Jozichic QandA will take place.

Stay Fashionable…