Colourful Tah-tahs

Miss Thang and I...

Today was a bittersweet day… bitter because I had to bid farewell to Miss Thang and sweet because of the Fun with a capital F we had shopping in Jozi. Along Market Street, just before you get to Goud Street, we came upon a gem of a shop, although it looked more like dump than anything else. But that’s the beauty of these downtown shops, they are the most dingiest (that is a real word) shops and stock some of the most gorgeous and well-priced fashion goods in town!

So Miss Thang and I, with only two and a half hours before she boards her bus, stumble upon this shop and waltz in, drawn by the cheap wigs and Sunday hats. In we go and try on a few wigs and decide which hats to get our mothers for church. As we step out, we shriek with excitement at the sight of an array of colourful vintage clutch bags and coin purses. Okay, the shrieking was not only induced by their awesomeness (not a real word but fitting)… their price was insane! Believe it or not, the colourful clutch was R7 and the coin purse R4!!! S’trues… we must have died and went to fashion heaven.

We reaaaally love these bags...

Our colourful finds... glasses, vintage clutch bag and coin purse

An hour later, chilling at Capello in Carlton Center, we still cannot get over our great fashion finds. And did I mention my new pair of glasses, if only they were prescription, I copped from a street vendor for just R20?!

So while doing the whole farewell thing at Capello, we did the obvious and posed for pics, took pics, met old and new friends and sipped on mojitos…

Miss Thang... Cheers

And I'll drink to that...

Muzi... all checked out

And with our mojitos finished, signaling the end of our little party, my heart suddenly felt heavy and tears threatened to overflow… but then I thought ‘Miss Thang would never want me to ruin my make-up’. And I kept them inside. Although Miss Thang has left this crazy city for greener and quiter pastures, I’m sure she’ll ruffle some fashionable feathers with her great sense of style and wackishly (I do so enjoy creating these words) fabulous hairstyles!

Miss Thang, Jozichic will miss you, thanks for making this a colourful tah-tah and not a sad goodbye…and don’t forget to remain as stylish as you are… you never know, Jozichic just might hunt you down and take a pic!

P.S. Oh, Miss Thang left you Jozichic peeps with a beauty tip… go figure!

“Never, I mean NEVER, use cheap foundation; don’t compromise… you can use cheap blush, liner, whatever, just not foundation! ”

Mwha and Mwha…



The Beat Moves Me…

pic from

It’s the weekend and whether you’ll be going out clubbing or just chilling at home, you will be surrounded by music… and the beat will move you! The relationship between music and fashion goes back decades, even centuries. As much as music has influenced numerous fashion trends, fashion has also played its part in the music scene.

Miss Thang – I noticed that most of the time when I’m listening to most songs, especially my favourite songs, I’d imagine myself rocking a certain outfit.

Kind of like models on the runway. Without the right kind of music, a fashion show can easily end up on its face on the floor and high heels in the air. A recent article by Maria Valentino (for The Washington Post) explores just how music contributed to a successful New York Fashion Week. “For the 2012 spring collection, music played it’s usual part in drumming up big feeling. Leopard prints and feather-laden kaftans at Michael Kors were enhanced by a tribal drum beat, featuring Charlotte Gaisbourg and Florence and the Machine.”

Jozichic – I’ve always been fascinated by the power that fashion has when combined with music. I recall the early eighties when young men all over the world would rock tight black formal pants that barely touched their ankles, showing off bleach white socks and shiny black shoes. Michael Jackson had millions of straight men getting their hair permed! And remember TLC and how we, as young girls, used to rock baggy pants and oversized checkered shirts?

Miss Thang – Oh yes! And Boom Shaka with their thick braids… every girl wanted those.

According to Jamel Coles (staff writer for UAB Kaleidoscope) however, “…artists are always going to push the boundaries that make the public look twice.” Think Lady Gaga and Rihanna. “Don’t just imitate… put your own twist or spin on it.”

However you look at it, fashion and music have become inseparable, much like non-identical twins… So tonight we’ll end off with some music stars’ fashionable words of wisdom.


“It’s not about the designers or the price but how you rock it” – Company, April 2011

Ceelo Green

“Spontaneity is the spice of life” – The Lady Killer

Zoe Kravitz

“I think it’s sexy to wear loose fitting jeans with heels and a vest or T-shirt. Or, the hottest look of all, wearing them with heels and nothing else!” – Elle, September 2011

Gwen Stefani

“Every look is an extension of whp you are, and your personality at that moment” – Company, March 2011

Kanye West

“Wearing a suit to a meeting is a sign of respect” – Elle, June 2011

Wishing you a weekend filled with beats that move you in the fashionable direction…

Jozichic and Miss Thang

Miss Thang Kasified

This weekend i had such a fashion-filled time. Besides meeting up with ladies rocking gorgeous heels they got in Jozi, I finished it off at Newscafe Campus Square with Miss Thang. I just LOVE the way Miss Thang kasified her chinos… She added retro sunglasses, a yellow vintage-inspired vest and floral takkies. It’s Spring, baby and Jozi peeps are getting creative… Loving it and can’t wait to hit the streets this week.

Retro shades and Vintage earrings... yeah, she knows she's hot...


Kasi Boys Speak Out on Fashion…

The Kasi Boys

As everyone would agree, childhood is a very nice stage although you realize that when you get older. When you’re still a child your only goal is to make an impression; good or bad, it doesn’t really matter. Watching children playing on the street I notice something; they have their own sense of understanding when it comes to fashion.

To them it only says who you are and there are just sides to chooses from. It’s either you’re a ‘kasi boy’ or a ‘cheese boy’. Wanting to find out more from these little people, I asked them questions, which they answered quite enthusiastically.

Boys in the Hood... tell us a thing or two...

Interview with The Kasi Boys

Jozichic Do you think you are kasi boys?
The Kasi Boys (in unison) YES!

JC What makes you kasi boys?
KB Sihlala ekasi, sifunda ekasi and siphila ilife yase kasi (We live in the hood, we go to schoolds in the hood and we live the hood life). YEBO BABA!

JC Do you think the way you dress makes you kasi boys?
KB (laughing) YES, because asgqoki ama-sneakers (we don’t wear sneakers).

JC What do you think about cheese boys?
KB Ay, labo bayadina. Bacabang ‘ukuthi bangcono nale English yabo efile (Ay, they bore us. They think they are better than us with their ‘dead’ English)

The kasi boys burst out laughing.

JC What do you think about their dress sense?
KB They wear really big clothes and they look foolish, they can’t even walk properly in those baggy pants.

JC Do you think kasi style is foolish?
KB No, we are dressed properly and our clothes fit us (they break into laughter again). Sishaya ngama tuck-in, baba, iCarvella, uyazi (We rock th etucked-in look, Carvellas, you know). Singama gentlemen (We are gentlemen).

The kasi boys start whistling at this description of their style.

JC Are you proud of kasi life?

These boys love their kasi and its style

I found this to be quite interesting. I know you probably also remember yourself younger and belonging to one of such groups or ‘clicks’. Fashion is a universal language and everybody speaks this language. We use it for different reasons, of course. Some use it for boasting their confidence, some use it to make a statement, some use it to belong to a certain group of people, whatever it is, we all just use it. Well, that was a glimpse through these children’s eyes on their understanding of this amazing world of fashion.

As I always say, don’t forget to always look good because you never know when you might run into Jozichic and have your picture taken…

Miss Thang

Colours, Florals and Stale T-shirts…

Willow Smith knows how to rock colour... Take note

So ladies and gentlemen, fun season is approaching and it’s looking very interesting. Already the ladies are looking daring and gorgeous, obviously winter was a bit difficult for the ladies to rock. The guys were looking so fashionable this winter, playing around with colours, shapes and interesting designs. WELL DONE, GUYS. Now ladies, I’m going to get straight to it. Bright colours are a must this coming season. This includes each and every item from your wardrobe, from your shoes to pants, bags, accessories and make-up.

Colourful make-up is a definite must

leather bag by Proenza Schouler

from Elle December 2010 issue

The theme for this spring is loud, bold and happy! This also includes florals. Florals are going to be big this spring/summer and of course, your denims too, bringing out a bold feel to your wardrobe. With spring/summer on its way, people are excited, the ladies are starting to reveal what their mamma’s gave them and some people are getting business ideas…

Amandla's floral bag from Jet

from True Love August 2011 issue... colour-blocking, baby

Here I was on a taxi home and this guy starts making conversation and so I listened and responded, of course. He says something that sparks a topic in my mind. Well, it was more of a business proposal actually. He was telling me about his T-shirt business and how he plans to take on the AMA-KIP-KIP brand. Realising that he was one of the many people that approached me with this idea, I asked him a question:
“With so many people going after the same thing, do you really think there’s enough room for more T-shirt designers with the same design, colours, shapes, just different slogans?” Correct me if I’m wrong, but that T-shirt business thing is starting to get boring. It could use some creativity guys, especially for the ladies. We want to support SA brands so be inventive and crazy, make us look fly when rocking you stuff. Speaking of being fly, remember to always look good ‘coz you never know when the Jozichic chicks may be around and…. SNAP SNAP!

Nqaba a.k.a. Miss Thang