Lee Jeans: Let’s Celebrate

Lee Jeans Winter 2014 Campaign

Lee Jeans Winter 2014 Campaign

Celebrate the moment, celebrate your friendship, celebrate yourself. Let’s celebrate!

Since the dawn of time, our ceaseless curiosity has constantly driven us to explore new possibilities.
It was curiosity that led Isaac Newton to discover gravity and Neil Armstrong to walk on the Moon. And it was curiosity that led our founder, Henry David Lee to create our iconic jeans. Passionate about seeking a purposeful design for every moment of everyday, he established the Lee brand in 1889 and started a story that even now is continuing to liberate the way we live and dress.
Today we are still creating jeans to fit the evolving metropolitan living. And no win 2014, we celebrate this unceasing passion in our 125th anniversary.

So in the spirit of that abiding curiosity that defines us, we invite you to join us in our anniversary celebrations as we continue to write more chapters in our legendary denim story. Let’s Celebrate!



Watch the Let’s Celebrate video.

About Lee
Lee is the signature of quality, innovation and durability. Following with the establishment of ‘H.D. Lee Mercantile Company’ by Henry David Lee in Kansas, United States, Lee has become a legendary denim brand which continues to make history with its product innovations, such as the world’s first-ever zip fly jeans – 101Z in 1926, iconic ‘Hair-on-hide’ leather label and ‘Lazy S’ back pocket stitching. From the launch of the 1st Lee bib to the 13oz ‘101’ cowboy jeans, Lee demonstrates the passion of innovation over 120 years, transforming from a practical-and-durable-workwear maker to a contemporary-and-trendy fashion giant.

Press Release
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Ohema Ohene: African Men’s Fashion


It’s rare to encounter a menswear line that has just the right mix of African and Western. Ohema Ohene is one of those African brands that has achieved just the right combination. This Ghanaian clothing range caught my attention with their Afro-urban hoodies.

ohema ohene cardi2

ohema ohene shorts

The label’s name, Ohema Ohene means Queen and King in Twi (a language spoken in Ghana). Founded by Abenaa Pokuaa, this brand caters for both genders without compromising on either. But without a doubt, their menswear takes the cake.

ohema ohene shoe

And did I mention that Ohema Ohene also has amazing accessories? Ties, hats, shoes and even boxers.

For a sneak peek into their women’s range, check out the Jozichic facebook page.

For more Ohema Ohene, visit their website.

* all pics from Ohema Ohene

Tons of African LoVe,

Unapologetically High-Tech and Masculine: the 4N-MVT01


What makes one appreciate a work of art, a fine garment or elegant piece of jewellery? The process of creation. Knowing what someone went through to create that irresistibly rich chocolate cake and knowing how many sleepless nights went into producing an intricate although small interior décor item. Knowing that process and seeing the little bits that make up the whole does indeed lend to a greater appreciation of the craft, the creation and the creator.

I am not one to strap a watch to my wrist but after laying my eyes on a certain elaborately masculine and sexy time piece, I knew that things would change from now on. Although released back in 2012, this watch is set to be on this year’s Most Wanted list. According to the creators, 4N (the French watchmaking company) “has mastered time with a modern concept housing a mechanical heart – looking forward while still paying homage to the time-honoured basics of watchmaking “.

And so, without further ado, we present the 4N-MVT01 model.

pic from thewatch.watchfinder.co.uk

pic from thewatchquote.com

pic from nytimes.com

pic from t3.com

The 4N-MVT01 watch retails for about € 150 000 (just over R2 million).

Visit the 4N website for more information.

Watch the video for a glimpse into the machanisms of the 4N-MVT01.


Fashion Photography: the real thing

Fashion photography: a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Over time fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic in which clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories – Wikipedia

anthony bila1

The popularity and success of fashion blogs has far surpassed expectations which many trend forecasters had more than 5 years ago. Thought to be a trend that would die out, fashion blogs have grown; becoming innovative, launching otherwise unknown brands to the pedestal of high fashion, turning everyday people into fashionistas of note and of course providing a providing a platform for aspiring stylists, models, photographers and writers to showcase their talents.

Fashion photography has always intrigued me… there is so much power in the way an image is captured. The feeling evoked when one sees a picture of a woman’s slender legs, carelessly hanging over the arm of a luxurious sofa, a pair Gucci sandals on her feet, a Prada bag lying on the floor and a Shimansky bracelet on her wrist. The feeling is overwhelming! You suddenly want these fashion items. The light bouncing off the diamonds beckons you. The bag, seemingly neglected, begs for you to touch it, to run your hands on its royal purple leather. The shoes… you already put together an outfit in your mind that will complement them. And you fantasize of yourself walking down a street or into a restaurant, even work; rocking that bracelet, that bag, those shoes and all eyes will be on you. Just like a movie!

Fashion photography can be an art. Sometime we really don’t see the wearer, our eyes focused on the real star of the show: the clothing or fashion items. Yet this does not mean the model is unimportant; far from it. A model gives the fashion a personality and it’s dependent on the model which way this pendulum swings.

Good fashion photography, though, depends on a number of factors which the photographer may not even be in control of, such as the styling, the fashion and the model. However some photographers are given all the right ingredients and fail to bring out the wow of the fashion. With fashion blogs left, right and centre, many bloggers are taking up cameras and doing the photography job themselves. This blog boom has led to the art of photography being ridiculed as I have come across atrocious, weird and plain stupid so-called fashion photographs. Mind you, that’s how I also started with my blog and I can’t help but cringe (and laugh) when I look at the early photos from my blog.

For some bloggers fashion photography is just about taking a snap shot of a well-dressed dude and but for some, fashion photography is their skill and passion; they spend time planning their shots, using the correct cameras, lights, locations and creativity. These professionals need to be afforded the recognition they deserve. And funny enough, there are those who started out like us, taking snap shots of street fashion but realised that the fashion they were shooting deserves the wow factor. These individuals did what any passionate artist would do; they perfected their art.

I have come across a couple of photographers who, educated in photography or not, have managed to fine-tune their skills and capture fashion in a refreshing way. These photographers choose their subjects with care, take the time to capture the finer detail that eventually makes the image a work of art. These photographers are to be celebrated.

And, for those like myself who are still dabbling with cameras unable to move from automatic to manual settings, the results may be stomach-churning compared to the pros but if the passion is there, one has to start somewhere. As long as we don’t get comfortable with producing mediocre work, we will be alright. Otherwise, let’s leave the photography to the experts, the ones who do this for the love of it and not just for the sake of doing it. For those claiming to be producing art but in fact are dragging the fashion photography name through the mud, leave it to the ones who know how to make us experience the images. And I say it again, let us celebrate fashion photography; the real fashion photography.

anthony bila tumblr

Anthony Bila

Anthony Bila

The Shoot: visit his website
The Photographer: Anthony Bila
“A South African artist, photographer and videographer bringing Africa to the world & the world to Africa.”

There are so many more great fashion photographers in South Africa… So stay tuned!

Amandla Kwinana

*all pics from Anthony Bila

The Brr: Model Brr Rogers’ Unique Style

pic from thefloralcoat.com

pic from thefloralcoat.com

Can a person really possess their own unique style in this day and age? Consider the clothes that you buy and how you dress. Where do you buy your clothing? If you buy your clothes in retail stores, chances are whether you like to admit it or not, you are buying what is deemed to be the current trend. By whom? Well, there are a number of players.

Take buyers for instance. These individuals are the ones who attend fashion shows and based on what they think the public will be attracted to, will choose designs to be duplicated and sold to respective stores. I’m sure you picked up that the buyers depend on the fashion shows. Yes, which means that designers showcasing at fashion shows around the globe are key players in determining what is sold in stores. Take the Truworths blog, they display trends making waves on the runway and show you how to achieve the look from the clothes and accessories their stores have on offer. And, of course, those clothes and accessories are influenced by the runway fashion.

Another key player in determining what is in fashion is the individual. More often than not it is usually high profile celebrities. A classic case is Rihanna. She sported bright red hair and within a matter of seconds, it seems, girls around the world were mimicking the hairdo. Not that Rihanna was the first to rock that style but it was because of who she is: the IT girl. And to take you back, way back, Salt ‘n Peppa, the hip girl group from the 90’s got us girls rocking baggy dungarees, over-sided check shirts and Doctor Martins. Oh yes and it was so cool to wear you cap back-to-front too. Because of that trend, many shops stocked the dungarees and as much as one could be the only one dressed that way in his/her clique, that style could not be attributed to the wearer: it was not unique, original or personal.

So, back to my question. Can a person really possess their own unique style in this day and age? The internet, fashion blogs to be precise, have shown us people who ooze superb taste in fashion, people whose dress sense is so ridiculous only they can pull it off. A lot of the time these individuals seem to possess that unique style. Until you view other blogs! Then it’s just repetition. The ridiculous look no longer seems ridiculous as it is duplicated by millions of other people and the original trend setter melts away in the background and can no longer be seen as possessing his/her own style.

My significant other, as we spoke about beards and how they are making a comeback in the world of fashion, asked if I have ever heard of Brr Rogers. “What?” I was sure he got tongue tied, what kind of a name is Brr? Well, he googled the dude and lo and behold, Brr Rogers. A lot of you, like myself, have seen him at least once before, just that we didn’t know his name. I had to agree that this Joburg guy has his own style: credit must be given to his striking beard. His look and the energy he exudes in the photographs sets him apart from many male models (and just guys, in general). A photographer by profession, I thank God he found a way to be in front of the camera.

You can follow the King of Beards and Style on twitter @TheBrr

pic from accidentalbear.com

pic from accidentalbear.com

JoziChic LoVeS this bad-ass look... pic from tumblr.com

JoziChic LoVeS this bad-ass look… pic from tumblr.com

Tons of Brr LoVe…
Amandla Kwinana

Xhosa Menswear Fashion 2012: MaXhosa and Skorzch

MaXhosa by Laduma… pic from maxhosa.co.za

Skorzch Collection, SAFW 2012… pic from Zano Sithetho’s facebook

This year, JoziChic’s eye has been on two menswear designers: Laduma Ngxokolo and Zano Sithetho. I had the pleasure of meeting both designers at the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Show Africa 2012 at Melrose Arch. So if you are unaware of these two talented brothers, it’s about time.

Laduma Ngxokolo Fashion Fact File

Laduma Ngxokolo of MaXhosa by Laduma… pic from milanstyle.co.uk

Brand: MaXhosa by Laduma
Hometown: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Current City: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Age: 26 years
Accomplishments: Received bursary from Cape Wools South Africa and Mohair South Africa in 2012
Won the South African national leg of South African Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) Design Competition
Went to London and won the international leg of the SDC Design Competition
Showcased at Design Indaba 2012 and was also a speaker
Media Coverage: Italian Vogue website, GQ.co.za, elle.co.za and elledecoration.co.za, designindaba.co.za, JoziChic, American magazine The Fader, hauteafricafashion.com and many more
2012 Highlights: “The media coverage has been insane. It’s really rare to get these types of features that even established designers are seeking”
Thoughts on MBFWA: “I’ve been following fashion weeks for years and I have to admit, the game has stepped up. Designers now have signature styles, they don’t just follow trends. Maybe that is because the designers here are from all over Africa, adding to the diversity. As a designer, though, I did not see anything eye-popping”
Keep an eye on: “I have had this collection for the past two years so next year there will be a Menswear Collection coming out, hopefully by March.” There was hinting at MaXhosa coming to Joburg but we’ll just have to wait and see. There is the option to order online if you can’t wait, though.
Dress for Summer: “This summer I will be wearing loafers, white tailored linen shorts, a simple t-shirt and a straw hat.”
Summer Tip for Men: “Dress up uniquely; you don’t always have to wear the latest trends”
Facebook: MaXhosa Facebook Page
Website: http://www.maxhosa.co.za
On JoziChic: Laduma Ngxokolo Chats About…

Zano Sithetho Fashion Fact File

Zano Sithetho of Skorzch… pic from savoirfaire-edgars.com

Hometown: Stutterheim, Eastern Cape
Current City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Age: 27 years
Accomplishments: Became The Soil’s (popular SA Music Band) Official Stylist in 2012
Won the 2012 SA Youth In Design Competition
Won the 2012 SA Fashion Week Renault New Talent Search
Media Coverage: GQ.co.za, anthonybila.tumblr.com, JoziChic, Nokia SA blog, SA Fashion Week website, Financial Mail website, ifashion, The Mail&Guardian, The Sowetan, Zimbabwe’s Sunday Times and numerous other websites and blogs
2012 Highlights: “Styling the Soil has been great, the media coverage, winning the SA Youth InDesign Competition and the SA Fashion Week Renault New Talent Search. Being on the front page of the Sunday Times in Zimbabwe was also amazing”
Thoughts on MBFWA: “It was ok. Projectomental stood out for me because of the shoes. Nice.”
Keep an eye on: “There is a photo shoot with Anthony Bila coming soon and a Skorzch website too.”
Dress for Summer: “I’ll be wearing my favourite colours: rust and orange. I’ll still be in tailored suits made from refined fabrics from Benjamin Woolens. And a straw hat.”
SummerTip for Men: “Every man has to own a crisp, white, tailored shirt and a Skorzch suit, of course”
Facebook: Skorzch Facebook Page
On JoziChic: The Skorzch Effect Part 1
The Skorzch Effect Part 2
The Skorzch Effect Part 3

I bumped into Jerri, again, during the MBFWA. This time he tried on a MaXhosa jersey *LOVE*… pic by Amandla Kwinana

Zano, Amandla and Laduma at MBFWA… pic taken by some dude we asked, thanks 🙂

Tons of Chic Love…

Amandla Kwinana