Boity’s Bottom: an analysis

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Just when I thought I’d let this one pass me by… Boity’s bottom has been the talk of the week since Marie Claire’s Naked Issue was launched this Monday. My significant other candidly suggested they make it a national monument; I’m sure South Africa’s heterosexual men agree. We all know that the Naked Issue’s purpose is to raise funds for charities, this year 36 celebrities went Full Monty for The Lunchbox Fund (check out their site).

Nothing wrong with that right? Well, personally it seems that the greater part of the population does not give a B’s ass why the shoot took place: all eyes are on Boity’s bottom. And what a bottom she has – Nicki Minaj ain’t got nothing on that! As I read comments and spoke to a handful of people I realised that all of them have no idea which charity the money was being raised for and now that the photo is out there, no one seems to care about going out and purchasing their copy of the magazine. As long as they have a print-out of Boity’s apple bottom, they are happy chappies.

On the other hand, I am grateful that Boity showed off her nude body and truth be told: if you’re sexy, you’re just sexy. And as much as her photo has succeeded in turning cute little puppies into rabid wild dogs, I do believe that once the testosterone wears out, our male population will learn more about the Lunchbox Fund and contribute, in whichever way they can. Boity’s bottom has really touched on many people’s morality: should one just disregard the campaign as a ploy to use sexuality for funds (like prostitution?) or should one regard it as using sexuality positively (to make a meaningful contribution in our impoverished societies)? This issue has helped me (and hopefully many of you out there) realise that we are living in very conflicted and contradictory times and sometimes the best way to stay sane is to have an open mind and focus on the end result. And keep our ears open for Marie Claire’s announcement on how much was raised for the Lunchbox Fund.

Apple Bottom LoVe,


Whitenicious: White is the New Black

Black Beauty... image from

Black Beauty… image from

Before today I had never heard of this “international Pop singer”: I have no idea what her music even sounds like! But Nigerian-Cameroonian Dencia launched what her company dubs “a high-end skin care product” which has the ability transform black skin to gorgeous fair skin because they believe that black people have been marginalized by international cosmetic companies and endured decades of neglect. I’m not kidding you, that’s what it says on their website.

Aptly titled, Whitenicious, this product’s main aim is to make black people look white. After reading up on this product and encountering the baffling news that the range sold out within a day, I realised just how naïve I have been. The signs have been everywhere. Just watch Beyoncè’s videos and take a look at our very own Mshoza; she sees skin lightening as a personal choice, no different from breast implants or a having nose job. And honestly, I have to agree with Mshoza though. When have you encountered a black woman who had a nose job done to make it flatter, bigger, more black? There you go.




It’s about beauty and our perceptions of beauty. It’s about wanting to live a certain lifestyle. It’s about self-perception. It’s the challenges faced by blacks which whites seem immune to. It’s about our history. It’s about following tends.

LoVe yourself,

Thabisa… Her Journey COMING SOON

Jozichic interviewed Thabisa at Main Street, Joburg CBD

Jozichic interviewed Thabisa at Main Street, Joburg CBD

This past weekend I had the great privilege of interviewing an artist I have admired for years, literally. Thabisa hails from the Eastern Cape and her bubbly personality, her sensitivity and appreciation for nature combined with a soulful voice make this woman one of the Top Artists to watch out for in 2014.

Signed to Tammy Music, Thabisa’s debut album, The Journey, is available at all good music stores. Check her out on facebook.

Keep an eye out for our exclusive interview with Thabisa… Coming Soon.


Share a Coke with Bobby REMIX

Bobby not seeing his name, shame

Bobby not seeing his name, shame

You’ve seen the ‘Share a Coke with Bobby’ advert… now it’s time to see the REMIX. I stumbled upon this ad online and I must say, this ad is so refreshing… like an ice-cold Coke. The rap on the track is just the right Kasi flavour. The Tin-Tins would be proud. Check it out here.

Go on, Share the Ad, Share a Coke!

When terror struck my country…

When I first read this article I was so touched and, despite the fact that I have friends in Kenya and was worried for their safety, it was the first time that I looked at the country as a whole and felt the pain of all those who were affected. This is a must-read.

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I have a desperate issue in need of addressing. The Terror attacks which happened in Kenya are nothing short of a catastrophe. Images of what have happened there could not possibly come close to relaying how individuals felt from there. Having family members in Kenya and being miles away without being able to rush to any aid is a frustrating ordeal that we cannot begin to explain. Having left Kenya at such a young age, a lot of people have assumed that I have forgotten where I am from because, perhaps I speak with a different accent or my Swahili is not above par. The only thing that seems, or is deemed as to tie me back to my roots is my surname, my parents and my passport/birth certificate. Truth is, I miss my home and where I grew up, but unfortunately I cannot go back because I started a life here.

Back to my point, I was horrified to hear that another terrorist attack had struck my home country and immediately tried to contact most of my relatives that I could get in touch with. I was happy to hear that most were okay and in one piece, and that my father was alright too. CNN and other international and local news keep painting and repeating images and stories of what is happening, and I could not stress how difficult it is to be so far away and not able to help. Yesterday, as I was spending the last of the summer sun by the beach, the topic of the Kenyan attacks came up, the topic of course deviated to the mutilation of people. My friend and I could not believe it was possible. Those human beings could physically do that to one another in my country, for revenge. Bitter, angry and outraged I lashed out at the gentleman sitting across from me and deemed his theory as “utter rubbish”. Later I asked a friend of mine back in Kenya, whether it was true, and he said, “Its terrorism…they mutilated them”. And he sent me a link. Stories of how bodies were hang up on hooks, and people having their fingers sharpened like a pencil and forced to write their names in blood. Stories of desperation on how a survivor smeared herself in a teenagers blood to stay alive by pretending she was dead.


This is such a horrific ordeal, and I am writing to take the anger and bitterness out of my heart, towards the people that planned and executed such a horror. To all those who have lost, I wish you peace and solace to your families. To those that survived, I hope you never have to experience such a fate again and to everyone in any way affected, I hope that justice will prevail. Lastly, I watched a man on CNN who had lost his father, he stood there with his family and I must say he touched my heart. Having lost his father in the attack, he said, “…it is unfortunate that we will never see him again, but I am not angry at them, all I can do right now is forgive them and let God avenge them for us…” this courage at such a difficult time, reminds me of why I am proud to be Kenyan. I may not live there, I may speak in a different accent and my Swahili may not be above par…. But I am Kenyan by blood and by heritage, and I cry when my country cries no matter where I am. During this difficult time, please know that no matter where we are, our thoughts and prayers are with you…..

Rebecca 'Becky' Oloo

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Oloo

Written by Rebecca N Oloo

Jade Novah: Shines Bright Like a Diamond

Jade Novah

Jade Novah

Jade Novah. Simply put, this woman is more than a breath of fresh air, she is a breath of helium! Not only is she a great singer, songwriter and actress but she has a super personality accompanied by a fabulous sense of humour.

Popular for recording covers (Rihanna’s Diamonds is one of my favourites) and playing Keyonce Bowles (a Beyonce Knowles spoof) on YouTube, Jade Novah is quickly taking over cyber space, the airwaves and even performed at the Grammy’s pre-party. This Cleaveland, Ohio, girl does not just replicate the likes of the R&B artists she covers, she brings in her own twist and her high quality videos and her performance in them are enough to convince you that Jade Novah is truly an artist in her own right.

jade novah3

Currently the winner of the Hitlab Emerging Talent Competition, Miss Novah is ready to share her original music with the world, at last. However the funds to record, produce and distribute her first album, ‘In Search of Me’, are not yet available so Jade Novah has brought out the hustler in her and is pushing her brand on YouTube and appealing for contributions in making this album a reality.

“My goal is to create a body of work that is creative, meaningful, and innovative, while maintaining my musical and personal integrity” said Jade Novah in her IndieGogo Campaign video. “The world is thirsting for music that not only evokes emotion, but also provides visuals by painting a magical picture of musical imagination. Your donations will aid in the completion of an artistic and fun-filled project that the industry has yet to witness.”

For more information on Jade Novah and a free download of her mixtape, Shades of Jade, visit her site. It will be worth your while.

jade novah


Amandla Kwinana

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Moonchild: Music and Fashion with an Edge



Currently managed by Post Post Entertainment, run by Tshepang Ramoba of BLK JKS, Moonchild is an artist who has lived up to the hype. Having performed in Durban for a number of years, she moved to Joburg in 2011 with one goal in mind: “I came here to work”, she shared. And that ‘work’ encompasses not just her witty, upbeat and quirky sounds and dance moves, it includes being a fashion designer. Her clothing label, Moonchild Cultwear, is as unconventional as the lady herself. During her last performance at King Kong this lady spotted a cute feline outfit with adorable headgear with little ears and I believe she had a tail too. It was fresh and playful and yes, she designed and made it. “I make all my clothes. Whenever I perform I make sure I wear Moonchild Cultwear; it expresses who I am best”. Joburg, brace yourself, Moonchild is set to be in full bloom this year.

For more on Moonchild and her music, keep an eye on KasiTimes.
You can listen to her music on SoundCloud.

To get your hands on her clothing, check out her facebook page: Moonchild Sanelly.

Enjoy the show! Moonchild Cultwear!

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moonchild cultwear2

Lotsa Fashionable LoVe…
Amandla Kwinana