Precious Pair of Palazzo Pants

Effortlessly classy...

Palazzo pants, or Phalazas as some call them, bring back so many memories. The most prominent to me being watching a younger version of my mother getting dressed and tucking in her ruffled blouse into the high waist of her pallazo pants. I was in awe at how gorgeously stylish she

Lithas looking super fresh in bold blue palazzo pants

So when I laid my eyes upon this gorgeous woman, pictured above, rocking palazzo pants in 2012, it confirmed the classic versatility of these wide legged pants. Whether worn by Katherine Hepburn during the ’40s, our mothers in the ’60s or some of us in the ’80s and ’90s… Palazzo pants are timelessly chic!

The legendary and fashionable actress, Katherine Hepburn rocking palazzo pants

Perfect for summer, they come in light and airy fabrics, vibrant
colours and flattering styles. Dressed up or down, palazzo pants are a
must-have item for any woman.

Fun Fact:
During the 1960s, some upmarket restaurants tried resisting modern fashion trends by refusing to let in women wearing pants. So to satisfy this ‘inappropriateness’ of wearing pants, palazzo pants seemed fitting: they were pants but had the flow and grace of long skirts.

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Naija Stylin’

Earlier today I caught a glimpse of a Nigerian lady who was looking ‘oh so stunning!’ And how could I tell she was Nigerian while whizzing past in a taxi? Come on, you all know how one can tell – need I spell it out? Fine. The big hair, the fearless use of colour and of course, the shoes! Nigerians are passionate people and their sense of style is nothing less. So, because I couldn’t get my snap shot earlier, I decided to check out some Nigerian fashion blogs and sites and got my fix of Naija Style.

pic from Seriously Doughnuts

Jozichic LOVES this pic from One Nigerian Boy

pic from One Nigerian Boy

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From Dior's 1955 A-line Collection

‘A-line’ is a fashion term first coined by French designer Christian Dior, one of the greatest designers and pioneers in the fashion world, who used it as the label for his Spring 1955 collection. The collection featured skirts and dresses which where cinched at the waist and flared out at the hips. As stated by Beth Duncuff Charleston of The Costume Institute, this style, known then as the ” New Look, celebrated ultra-femininity and opulence in women’s fashion “.

Another from Dior's A-line Collection

This ‘New Look’ remained popular throughout the 1970s and 1960s, dwindled by the 1980s and then back in vogue by the late 1990s, thanks to the Retro trend. Since then, the A-line skirt/dress has graced many a runway and fashionable women all across the globe are modelling their A-line skirts/dresses on our public concrete runways.

Kerry Washington - A-line skirt straight from the runway

Pop-star turned Footballer’s Wife turned Fashion ‘icon’, Victoria Beckham, has fully embraced the ‘ultra-femininity and opulence’ that dates back more than five decades. Dior’s influence is quiet evident not only in what and how she wears her A-lines but also in how she interprets them into her own designs.

Mrs Beckham workin' her A-line skirt

A Victoria Beckham A-line wedding dress

As expected, some modifications were made to the A-line skirt/dress. We now have the A-line mini skirt. As you’ve seen, the traditional A-line skirts/dresses fall just below the knee, adding elegance and class to the outfit. But a lot of women also want to feel and look flirtatious, cheeky and fun, thus the mini.

The A-line mini skirt from

I’m sure you’re now wanting to know which type of A-line skirt/dress to buy and how to wear it. In terms of which type to buy, we will look at two important factors: body shape and height.
Body shape. If you are a woman gifted with curves around the hips, get an A-line skirt/dress that falls below the knees. This will make your behind look less obvious yet still flattering. But try to stay away from patterned skirts/dresses, they’ll make you seem big. Rather go for solid colours. If you have no behind to speak of, the traditional A-line skirt/dress could also work for you, just make sure that it is really flared and even pleated. This gives the illusion of a much more fuller figure. Also go for patterns as this will further accentuate your behind.

For fuller figured women

For petite figures

Height. If you are quiet tall, both the traditional A-line skirt/dress and the mini will look great on you. But beware shorties; the traditional cut could make you look even shorter and stumpier. So if you have OK to wow-looking legs, opt for the mini. But if you really want to go traditional, make sure you’re wearing a nice pair of really high heels.

Show off those sexy legs...

How do you wear A-line? Simple, keep the top tight. This means that whatever you wear on top should be body hugging. The dresses are already as such so just make sure that if you have tiny boobs, the dress is not just tight around the waist, but around your two little friends too. For ladies with a bigger bust, avoid ruffles on your top (this is okay if you’re lacking in that department) because the flared skirt/dress of the bottom half creates curves which will balance them out.

Enjoy your shopping, and showing off, and remember to say a word of thanks to the spirit of Christian Dior, the man who 56 years ago, brought us this indispensable style.