Beauty and the Brow… by Bonnie

It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… I don’t really believe in this idiom because when you know you look stunning, you don’t need the world to affirm you, if you believe in yourself, that is. Though sometimes we tend to go the extra mile to look beautiful, the ‘beholder’ is within!

“The eyebrow is an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eye that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges of some mammals. Their main function is to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are also important to human communication and facial expression.” – (Wikipedia)

Lauren Hill and her gorgeously thick brows

For as long as I have noticed, there’s been one thing that traumatizes my already unhealthy eyes and I find it very cringe worthy! DRAWN EYEBROWS! Oh wow, I’m sure every lady has a story to tell about this controversial subject. Eyebrows come in different shapes and sizes, some are as thick as of my Israeli friends, some naturally thin and a few people have almost no eyebrows to speak of.

Marylin Monroe with terribly drawn thin eyebrows...

There is this tendency to shave off eyebrows, then draw them with a pencil ((not HB)). It’s a technique so popular yet so appalling when done badly. Some have mastered this art and you can rarely tell if its
pencil over brows. I suppose it would be better if these ladies kept their God given hairs and shape them nicely! Its a little disturbing to be served food by someone in a restaurant with a drawn brow up to the ear. With their original ‘hair’ out of sight, all you can see is the pencil which I think keeps fading with the summer heat!

I’m a firm believer in comfort but I vehemently condemn drawn eyebrows, no matter how comfortable you are in them, they are the worst thing to ever happen to ‘beauty’. Jozichicks, we love you too much to allow you to fall into that trap. Shape them nicely, darken them if you must but be warned that shaving them all off is not a wise move. When you decide to draw them try to be more convincing even if its to the hobo on the roadside, brush them nicely. An old toothbrush can be used and it works well on attaining beautiful eyebrows. Even when waxing or shaving them, leave a little…after all there is a reason you have them.

Tziliz and Adi... ladies with naturally lovely and thick brows

Bonnie with Adi and Tziliz... work those brows, girls...

Happy New year dear Jozichics, its been epic, but I’m convinced it will be even better with you not looking hideous in crooked drawn eyebrows as thin as a thread in a needle! Mega love to all of you!
Thank you

Bonnie Meslane

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Bonnie chats with Drum Magazine’s Kwena Baloyi

Kwena Baloyi

Fashion and magazines have for the most part been a huge part of who I am. I decided to get up and personal with a fashionista and stylesta of note who also happens to work in the Fashion department of South Africa’s most loved magazine, Drum. Ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves for the gorgeous and fashionably remarkable Kwena Baloyi. Here she lets us in on her fashionable world.

Bonnie: Who is Kwena?
Kwena Baloyi: She’s 22yrs of age, a Pedi girl from Limpopo province, Polokwane, Moletjie Ga- Makibelo. Very outspoken, funky, vibey, stylish, talkative; socialising it’s my middle name. And I breath and live with fashion or for fashion literally 🙂

we LOVE Kwena and her blazers....

B: Tell us about your job at Drum?
KB: My job at Drum is the best! Well, I’m working for the most successful and established weekly publication brand in S.A, so do I need to say more? As the Drum fashion team, we supervise the process of creating, developing and presenting content for the weekly fashion pages. We decide the creative influence and direction of each issue’s fashion pages with my Editor Oratile Seabela; I do conceptualizing, writing and produce the fashion pages that I’m assigned to do; We also do the organising and styling of fashion shoots, including selecting and briefing of photographers, artists and models. I frequently represent the magazine at media events and it’s a team effort. So that’s what I do with my team.

B: What are the highs of working in fashion?
KB: That I’m involved from A-Z of every shoots I do and seeing the final product – it’s priceless! Conceptualising it, organising… and like I say, the final product always drives you to do more on the next one. Working with fabulous, creative people and meeting other fashionistas also drives the passion. Just being in this world it’s just HIGH period.

on duty, fixing, pinning and clamping the model...

B: And the lows?
KB: The lows hmmm… thinking eish. Everywhere there are lows but what I like about my lows are that they make me stronger and they always turn into my highs at the end of the day so 🙂

B: What do you deem a fashion offense?
KB: He he he he he LOL

B; Your top three pieces of clothing in your wardrobe?
KB: My pink blazer, my brogues and my watches ( think Paul Smith yeah baby that’s me )

B: What is the one item you are dying to add to your wardrobe?
KB: Zara’s blazers …..David West’s tailored shirts, chinos and brogues. More and more and more of them! Lol. That’s what I’m dying to add so next year we do a girl borrowed from a boy in full…

B: What is a must-have for this season?
KB: I think everything is a must-have, in my opinion. But a girl needs to have a blazer that you can pair with any outfit you have in your wardrobe….and that is a must-have for all the seasons!

B: Who are your influences with regards to your style?
KB:�The people around me. What I eat, see and breathe influence my every move, which includes my style 🙂

B: What is the one thing Kwena would never wear?
KB: He he he, I won’t say I would never wear it but I will say I will never buy it. Reason being in my world anything I put on works or it must work, that’s just me ( A BOOB TUBE DRESS OR TOPS )

B: Who is the most gifted designer Jozichics should look out for?
KB: The new, fresh young ones! I heart them and in my world they are the future. For instance, Amber Jones that won the ELLE talent search and now she designs her cute range for Mr Price. I just salute the young blood.

Kwena working the bald look

B: What’s your take on weaves?
KB: Everyone is entitled to their opinions and that, I respect 🙂 I had a ‘kinda’ weave once but it didn’t work for me and my personality so I wrote them off. I don’t hate them but don’t like them on me, either. And halala to those that wear them.

B: What’s your take on drawn eyebrows? Lol
KB: Kwaaaaaaaa kwaaaaaaa #dead# no take LOL

B: Your 5 cents’ worth for the Jozichic Republic?
KB: My 5 cents? ( a bit lost ) ask that again….

There you have it. She is sassy, stylish and gorgeous, and oh…bald! She came, she spoke and you learned something.

B-Daring. B-Fabulous. B-Jozichic!
More love, no hate….B*


The GALA Event – by Bonnie

Galaletsang 'Gala' Molabi

Social networks have proved to be the best networking tools for engaging with vibrant, vivacious people with similar interests and talents. Twitter introduced me to the beautiful and stylish Gala. Here she tells us all we need to know about fashion. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gays and lesbians..Meet Gala.

Gala and friends @ popbottles

Bonnie: Who is Gala?
Gala: Gala is a 24year old Bcom graduate from Botswana, who loves food and fashion.

Bonnie: What is fashion to you?
Gala: Fashion to me is fun, it is colour. There is no fashion without colour, which is what inspires me to love it so much. It is in the little detail. It is happiness.

How do you define your style?
Gala: I personally haven’t ever thought of what my specific style is, cause I just wake up and really just put together what, at that moment, I feel like can walk me through the day successfully. However, browsing through my wardrobe you would find, bold solid colours, golds, big shirts, shorts, big bold colorful earrings. My style I would say is minimalist with lots of accessories or one bold one to make a statement.

What do you deem a fashion offense?
Gala: A dress worn with leggings, a thick figure belt and sandals. Lord forgive them for they know not what they are doing. *phew*…lol. I can’t stand that!

Bonnie: What is the one fashion item Gala cannot live by?
Gala: My Gold Chain! There was a time I wouldn’t pass a day without it around my neck. I just love it and it empowers me somehow. I feel very cocky and confident with it on!! I’m also into wedges and denim shirts right now.

Bonnie: Tell us about your worst fashion experience.
Gala:I went out clubbing with my friends one time, and I wore a dress just because they thought it looked good on me. I was so uncomfortable. I still regret it just thinking about it. And it just wasn’t for the occasion. Lesson learnt is to wear what I feel comfy in, not what others feel looks good on me. I go with what I feel in an outfit nowadays. I refuse to wear other people’s idea of what I should look like.

Bonnie: Who is your style icon?
Gala: I don’t have one; I have a lot. I like Amber Rose, Solange Knowles, Kourtney Kardashian and Siyabonga Ngwegazi. These are people who just have fun with fashion. They don’t necessarily influence my style but they inspire me to be myself and do what I like with fashion, not what’s trendy and hot right now. Oh, and Kanye West too!

Amber Rose

And your favourite designers?
Gala: Believe it or not I think Victoria Beckam is talented. I could wear everything from her SS11 collection. I love Anisa Mpungwe of Loin Cloth and Ashes, Christie Brown and a young Ghanaian designer I just came across yesterday on a fashion blog, called Nelly Aboagye, her label is Duaba Serwa. Her designs caught my eye because of their simplicity yet sophisticated young look, that is wearable. I feel some African designers fail to deliver to Africans. Look out for her.

Duaba Serwa

Victoria Beckham

Bonnie: What is Gala fashionably working on now?
Gala: I am currently working on expanding my small fashion accessories business to include female RTW clothing. I can’t really get into detail since its still underwraps, don’t wanna jinx it! I’m excited about that for the new year and that is where all my focus and energy will be.

GALA bowties

GALA bangles

Bonnie: What is the one celebrity you would gladly give a make-over?
Gala: Chommie. So beautiful, yet selling herself short. She is truly gorgeous but her outfits are not classy. Cause you can still be ghetto and look fabulous! Lol

Bonnie: What is the one item you would never be caught dead wearing?
Gala: Red Pants. lol. Actually I don’t own any piece of red thread.

Bonnie: Lastly what are the must-have items Jozichics should look out for this summer?
Gala: Turbans, head wraps. I think the colour-blocking trend will still be relevant this Summer season so I encourage Jozi chicks to wear it out cause its special and had spiced up fashion this Spring.

Bonnie: Any fashion advice?
Gala: Be comfortable in your choice of outfit. And if you’re gonna do something you don’t enjoy, like your current job, at least do it looking good. Those are my words of wisdom since I entered the job market 2 months ago! 🙂

GALA's earring collection

GALA's wardrobe

GALA's Shoe Collection

She is Galaful, vibrant, vivacious, talented and just awesome! Follow her on Twitter @Galamolabi on Facebook she is Galaletsang Molabi and you can check out her blog here.

Stay funky, lovely and Galaful…
B-daring. B-stylish. B-Jozichic


Jozi Peeps! Jozi Finds! by Bonnie

Fashion is the freedom to express yourself through clothes and style is the acknowledgment of one’s self and taste. Eastgate, as my second home away from home, has shown me flames! The good, the best and the downright awful fashions ever.

Like we usually do (Jozichic style), we decided to let you in on the lovely and fashionable peeps I came across. I’m blown away by the unusual, the rare finds and mostly by anything I deem epic.

Arielle... looking stunning

Arielle is a teen with loads of style: I love her colors, the peach, the cream and denim shorts and those trendy boots. She looks uber gorgeous!

Stacy and her super cool glasses...

Stacey Crouse, from Stuttafords, displayed a very unique and chic eclectic style! From her Ray Ban glasses to her black heels. But what really made her stand out for me was the beautiful grey jacket and tan pants.

Dineo looking fresh...

Dineo looking uber haute in red and navy…

Check this baby out...

And this baby, rocking a T-shirt from Sowearto, is a fashionista in the making.

Ice ice baby...

Ice Watch is one of the hip new brands from Belgium. Only four years old but their products are exceptional. Take a look at these great Ices…

For the vintage lovers...

Lastly, for you smart shoppers FruitCake, in downtown Joburg, is the place to be. To read Jozichic’s article on this vintage shop, click here. Mr Price is also buzzing with color and extremely affordable prices, giving the equally colorful Jay Jays a run for its money. The Minnie Series by Minnie Dlamini is blazing as well at Legit. To look good you don’t really need to spend more.

Minnie Dlamini, Legit's Ambassador for their Minnie Series range...

A fantastic and fashionably epic weekend! More love, no hate


Jozichic Chats with Lollie: Clothing Manager and Fashionista – by Bonnie

Bonnie and Lollie....

Jozichic, as promised, brings you a talented brainy blonde! It’s true that dynamite comes in small packages, because this lady is one to be reckoned with. She is sexy, stylish and super ‘phly’. Ladies and gents, boys and girls, gays and lesbians… Jozichic presents Lollie (LDP)!!!

Bonnie: Tell us who is Lollie?
Lorraine Delache Pienaar: First of all, Lollie is just my nickname. My name is Lorraine Delache Pienaar.

B: What drove you to a career in fashion?
LDP: I had the love and ambition for the fashion industry in high school. I remember people always going “Oh my God, what is she wearing?” and never knew if it was a good or a bad thing. I just loved fashion and the fashion industry, I always thought I was going to become a lawyer but when the university told me that I’m not qualified to go and study that, I knew that was a sign for me to do what I want to do. But having the idea of making money in my head, I decided on clothing management. Some people may call it fashion management but no matter what you call it, its part of the industry.

B: What exactly do Clothing Managers do?
LDP: Clothing management, is all the basics of fashion design. You learn how to design your own garment from design (technical drawings) to pattern-making (computer patterns when creating your pattern on the
computer) to the cutting room (which is cutting the fabric which is the cutting process) then the manufacturing process which is the sewing process of the garment. When that’s done, it is a finished garment. Now the business side is the management finance, law, human resources, business studies, quality, work, study and many more…

B: What are the perks of your career choice and challenges?
LDP: The perks are all the fashion shows you get to attend, the backstage passes, always being on top of fashion. You’re always a year ahead with fashion… The challenges are what keep me interested.

B: What is your definition of style and fashion?
LDP: I don’t have a definition but I like mixing different types of genres to get my own style. Even though I am in fashion, I don’t always follow trends because I have my own sense of style

B: How would you describe your style?
LDP: My style… mmmmmm. I would say very classy but very street-wise. My icon would be Eva Langoria and Rachelle McAdams.

At the Joburg Fashion Week... wearing her favourite skirt...

Some of the perks...

B: What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
LDP: I have this peach coloured high waisted skirt that I made myself out of a dress where I cut the top part off because it was horrible. Now I mix and match it with almost everything! It looks best with white and wedges.

B: What’s the one thing you can’t get enough of?
LDP: I’m a dress girl even though I was a tomboy when I was younger. So I’ll definitely go buy a dress a two when I get time or just when I feel like it… my favourite shop would be boutiques because they never have the same things. Otherwise I love love love Forever New, YDE, Xogo and Luella,

B: What des Lollie do besides attending fashion weeks and studying?
LDP: Party, work, work, work and let’s see… work! Yes, I’m a student but I have to work for my money like everybody else. The work I do is modelling, promotions and, of course, being a sexy bartender at Buddha Ta (a lounge/bar/restaurant) in Design Quarter.

B: Any advice for someone interested in a career in fashion?
LDP: When you have the passion to be a designer, then go into the designing part. If you just like the idea of fashion then don’t even think about it. People like to think it’s easy to go into this career; it’s everything but easy! When going into this you need to know it’s only hard work that lies ahead. Even though there are those fun times of having your own fashion show and going to fashion shows and weeks or any fashion event that nay be happening, it’s all hard work!!!

B: Which items should Jozichics look out for this summer?
LDP: Definitely wedges and the 50s-look jumpsuit that you can find at YDE (Michelle Harper) and vintage stores too…

Until next time… stay ‘phly’


Back to Thy Roots – by Bonnie


I found myself listening to one of the most influential women and one I relate to, Thandiswa ‘King Tha!, Red Mazwai. I was in the taxi with my earphones on full blast jamming silently to Siyahamba siy’Embo and Nizalwa Ngobani. As I was getting off, I came across a group of elderly women all in traditional Xhosa attire.
I was dumbfounded for a second, stood and watched them. I loved them. They have inspired this piece.

December is filled with festivities of all kinds, weddings, birthdays and imigidi (traditional ceremonies) etc. It is only on such occasions that most people find themselves in their traditional attire. Dear Jozichics it is not uncool to be in touch with your traditional self (I am not on some religious tip here, be sure not to take this out of context).

Dini' and Karabo Nondumo's Wedding...

December is filled with festivities of all kinds, weddings, birthdays and imigidi (traditional ceremonies) etc. It is only on such occasions that most people find themselves in their traditional attire. Dear Jozichics it is not uncool to be in touch with your traditional self (I am not on some religious tip here, be sure not to take this out of context).

It’s so lovely to see young, vibrant and beautiful people wearing their traditional outfits. Mini skirts and shorts are so overrated! You can still look gorgeous in what your great grandmother wore! Whether you live in the suburban Sandton or kasi Gugs, Heritage Day and that cousin’s wedding are not the only days to go traditional. Here are a few tips to get you help you out…

Tswana cool kids....

– Mixing items in your wardrobe includes your traditional garments too. You can rock that mbhaco/mwenda, sdwedwe etc. with a nice plain tee or vest without looking hideous.

– Make up and a traditional ensemble are not the best of combinations, keep it very minimal.

– Do not over accessorize your outfit, I know that aunties beads are quite cheap, it doesn’t mean you have to stuff them all.

– face paintings are the cherry on top but be sure not to look like a clown.

– traditional outfits do not make you ‘isXhosana (if you Xhosa you’ll get me)

– traditional outfits must be proper fits, otherwise one will be as big as Khulubuse in Zulu garb.

Zulu Maiden...

– Strut your stuff being the ‘urban mosadi’ in that nice ‘old’ piece of clothing

– Lastly overdose that confidence pill because all eyes will be on you.

Oh and if you are a lady beware that all the taxi drivers and other men will vow to marry you, because you are the epitome of a ‘perfect wife’ Lol, its just clothes, but hey take it within your stride and carry that swag!


On the swag tip, not only hip hop cats and dawgs have swag you know! Be on that traditional swag and be proud of your self, and make your daddy look forward to the day you get hitched- well that happens to me!

Black child! (Indians included) rock that traditional ensemble and let the western-inspired eat on the palm of your hand! (Saris included lol, not to be worn during Dewali only).

‘Siyahamba siy’ embo’ ‘Nizilibele uba nizalwa ngobani?’ the sistren says it, our roots are speaking! I dare you to wear that cool attire! Join the winning team!

That Shangaan Swagg...

Bonnie isn't all talk and no action...

PS you can send your traditional ensemble pics to and we will put them up on our Facebook page.

B signing out, mpela veki emyoli (a lovely weekend to y’all)


Fashion Meets Brains!

“Whenever I come across someone amazingly beautiful, I stop, stare and compliment.” Those were the words of my high school English teacher, my favorite! I won’t get into her style but woman got swag!!! I loved what she said and decided to do the same!

With me always on some vintage/afrocentric tip! All Stars galore! I decided to give credit where its due. To all the girls and boys I come across, I always pick up something. Who said students rock jeans and flip flops and hideous cardigans and go to class? Well, certainly not these! From Law geeks, number crunchers, journalists – you name them! These young peeps sure know how to dress up… They are too cool to fit in!


Misa – (WSU) Law student and one of the prettiest ladies in Mthatha!


Unati – (UJ) the journo with so much love for accessories!


Lilly – (UJ) Bcom student! Lady looks hot!


Mindloex – (WSU) law geek! Representing for the brothers! Go guy!


Zenande – (WSU) not only a smart Bcom Accounting student, a fashionista too.


MDK – (WSU) the medical fashionista! She is always looking on point!

Stylish Kids...

These two girls I just loved, with those bow ties! Haute!

These young peeps are just fabulous and brainy! I always look forward to seeing them and they sure never disappoint!

A superlative weekend to all Jozichics! Keep rocking! Spread the love, don’t hate! When you see them looking freshe like that wave, smile, don’t hate!

B-Fabulous. B-Daring. B-Jozichic!