Jozi is ever-evolving. The skyline consistently changing. The people… well, you can see for yourself. And as such, the time has come for Jozichic to change too. But don’t fret, fashion and lifestyle are still the order of the day.

We look forward to showing you the different aspect that makes Jozi such a great place to be in. So sit back, relax… no, that’s not it. Sit back and experience Jozichic however you please because it’s what you make of it that counts.

Amandla Kwinana... Jozichic Founding Blogger

Amandla Kwinana… Jozichic Founding Blogger



7 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Georgie. I chose to use CHIC as a pun. As you know, ‘chic’ means ‘stylish, fashionable’ yet at the same time, because of the techno-world we live in (sms, twitter, facebook, etc.), alot of people spell ‘chick’ as chic.
      So basically the context of my ‘chic’ is a fashionable girl.
      Hope that clears it up for you.


  1. Hi Amandla,

    Would you be available to do an interview for Zaji Mag. We’re a travel and fashion mag for women based in Dallas. Love the blog. Doing a story on Jozi fashion scene esp street fashion and would love to feature you in our Spring 2012 issue.



  2. Hi Amandla!!

    It’s good to see more women out there who are keeping it natural. I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your hair. How long did it take you to grow it into that afro? I chopped off my hair at the beginning of this year and a the moment I have braids on. I just wanted to know what products do you use on your own hair that might help grow and keep it healthy?

    • Hi Hlobi, that afro is not my real hair – I had dreadlocks at the time and now i have a mini afro (LOL) but going to try something i havent tried before. Will actually post a piece on how to take care of natural hair soon. Quick Tip: if you want your fro to grow and stay ‘fluffy’, make sure you comb it out and plait it every night before going to sleep. The price of beauty LOL.

  3. That’s good to hear, X. We’ll ensure that we feauture more young fashion designers who are trying to get their foot into the fashion world.

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