Oh, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Jozichic Chicks

Today was Girls’ Day In with myself and Miss Thang. We’ve been planning for this day for months now… the day when she gets to do my hair. So after about an hour spent looking for the right hair, comparing prices and fighting off stray men salivating at the sight of two good-looking women, we got to my flat. Miss Thang wasted no time and got right to it and we enjoyed some episodes of the Chapelle Show. After a few hours my hair was done and Miss Thang had a crazy idea – to do my face. I’m not a fan of make-up but then again, I might as well get used it, right? So with renewed energy, and Rihanna on full blast, Miss Thang got to putting on some eyeshadow and liner and mascara on my petrified face. It’s a good thing that she knows me really well because I loved the results. Minimal and natural… that’s my type of make-up.

Miss Thang doin' her thing.. on my face

Miss Thang's work... Jozichic loves...

After this little makeover, I couldn’t just let Miss Thang go back home without some fun times at our lobby. So off we went, down the two flights of steps to the lobby. And the fun times began; a perfect ending to our Girls’ Day In.

We sure had fun and Miss Thang got her groove on...

You gotta love that skirt.. bought in Jozi, baby

Stretching to prepare for my dance moves...

You gotta love that 'fro... Hair bought in Jozi, baby... lol

PS I broke my glasses during our shoot so I now have to be ‘blind’ for a few weeks until I get a new pair… But fear not, these eyes will still be able to spot Jozichic peeps out there.



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