Who’s that chick? (Rihanna singing in the background)

Name: Amandla Kwinana

Age: 24
Star sign: Cancer
Height: Not as short as I look
Weight: I can donate blood
Disabilities: None (being short-sighted is NOT a disability – you know who you are)
Talents: Don’t want to blow my own horn, so won’t go there
Activities: Lots of reading, walking, writing, taking pics, a bit of painting, enjoy bargain hunting and chocolate chowing
When I fell in love with fashion: Despite being a fashionable child, as a teenager I was hopeless. Varsity, with its I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude, allowed me to experiment and find my own style and once that was found, a keen interest (a crush, if u must) for fashion was sparked
I love their style: Beth Ditto, Lindiwe Suttle, Dita Von Teese and my mom (in the 80s)

Why start Jozichic: I searched fora local blog that showcased fashion I could afford, fashion my Triple F (fuller-figured friend) could fit into and fashion my 7-months pregnant friend could look and feel good in. Alas, no such luck. I also yearned (still do) to be educated about our local fashion industry. When I realized that I was not alone, I decided to stop whining and do something about it… And thus Jozichic was born!


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